So the mike was live!

this is an experiment in using Movable type. I hope that it will turn into something both fun and useful. For the moment there’s not much else to record of the day, except that I got to thinking how long a gene might be (measured in

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4 Responses to So the mike was live!

  1. RupertG says:

    Missing key! It said to me.
    When I tried ‘phenomenology’

    Ok, I thought. So let’s try trout.
    And in a troutly form the code
    Got further down the troutish road
    and then I clicked on OK, see?
    What happened next? The Missing key!


  2. andrewb says:

    What do you expect? None of the buttons on the last page are hooked up to anything except the “Missing Key” message at the moment, partly because I can’t think what they ought to be hooked up to.

  3. RupertG says:

    I expected eChomsky, of course.


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