Praying to scorpions

“Martin Kozloff”: is a Professor of Education at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington; amongst other things, he teaches a course in “Classroom management for the mildly handicapped.”: How would he teach, I wonder, a student who got up in class and announced

bq.. One day soon, our planes and missiles will begin turning your mosques, your madrasses, your hotels, your government offices, your hideouts, and your neighborhoods into rubble.

And then our soldiers will enter your cities and begin the work of killing you, roaches, as you crawl from the debris.

As cowards, you will have your hands in the air and you will get on your knees begging for mercy. And we will instead give you justice. Your actions and your words long ago placed you far from any considerations of mercy. You are not men.

And if you come to this country and harm a child, shoot a mother, hijack a bus, or bomb a mall, we will do what we did in 1775. Millions of us will form militias.

We will burn your mosques.

We will invade the offices of pro-arab-muslim organizations, destroy them, and drag their officers outside.

We will tell the chancellors of universities either to muzzle or remove anti American professors, whose hatred for their own country we have tolerated only
because we place a higher value on freedom of speech. But we will no longer tolerate treason. We will muzzle and remove them.

We will transport arab-muslims to our deserts, where they can pray to scorpions under the blazing sun.

p. Professor Kolzoff could only blush prettily and wipe the -spittle- moisture from his cheeks, because he is “the author.”: The whole rant is listed on his website under “Recent Papers” with a note saying %(loony)”Warning. Provocative language. I do NOT advocate violence against any persons or groups.”% So that’s all right then.

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3 Responses to Praying to scorpions

  1. rupert says:

    “You are not men.”

    Isn’t this the shibolleth of fascism?


  2. quinn says:

    so it’s not there, gone without a trace now. but skimming the rest of the site, i have no trouble beliving he wrote it. i’m morbidly curious what the rest of it said, and why it was removed. what i don’t understand is where does all this hatred come from? i guess over time i’ve become more intrigued by the question of why we hate them rather than why they hate us.

  3. acb says:

    I think he may have been afraid of losing his job. Also, I passed the story on to Marina Hyde at the Guardian diary.

    But the whole original rant is still up at “a wingnut blog”:

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