A wasted day

Yea, even as it is written: “Nerds working with Nerds that which is unseemly, and receiving within themselves the messages of their error which was meet.” I have spent all bloody afternoon trying to reproduce what felt like a perfectly trivial python macro for OOo into MS Word. All it does is to scoop up the contents of a post and send it to this blog, formatted as suits me.

But you can’t, it turns out, communicate at all easily with an MT blog using Word. For why? Because the IDE autocapitalises method names. So if the blog is expecting a request like "getUsersBlogs()" it won’t – being software – understand when Word’s Basic sends it a request to "GetUsersBlogs()". Would you believe there is no way to turn off or change this behaviour? Me neither. But we’d both be wrong. However often I type "getUsersBlogs", Word changes it as soon as I move the cursor off the line, or run the program.

All that remains to make this perfect is for the comments page to fill up with linux weenies saying "I told you so". To which the answer would involve GUI toolkits for python, all lovely and open source, which simply don’t bloody well work at all. Thank you. I feel better now.

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3 Responses to A wasted day

  1. I was playing with writing a toy multilingual text-editor as an exercise in learning the gtk+ toolkit for Python (under Linux), and it worked very nicely for me.

  2. acb says:

    That’s not even “I told you so”.

  3. Well, I did once leave a job largely because of Visual Basic (for Applications and otherwise), but given that I write raw HTML and cut and paste it to diaryland, I’m not really in a position to throw stones.

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