Multiple document tricks

One of the less finished, potentially useful bits of Openoffice is the Navigator. It ought to let you move and link multiple documents to your heart’s content, showing the structure of each one as it does so, with headings, bookmarks, notes, and so on.

It _almost_ does; and _almost_ works as an outliner. Here are the tricks I use when assembling radio scripts from eight different interviews, put here partly so I remember them next time I make a radio programme.

* To get a listing of all open files, right click on an empty space. This shows all of them. The silly file list at the bottom only shows four at a time.
* Clicking on a displayed bookmark in another document does nothing, though you can drag it into the one you’re working on
* Double-clicking on a _heading_ displayed from another document will open the other document at once in the main window at the heading you choose.
* In tools -> outline numbering, set the outline level of default/normal text to 10. Then the first line of every par shows up in the Navigator jsut as it can be set to show in Word.

Interesting posts resume shortly.

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