Death penalty for abortionists

I know they do things differently on Fox news; I know this report comes from Tulsa, Oklahoma where, again, things are different from Saffron Walden. Even so, if a candidate for the United States Senate told me he favoured “the death penalty for abortionists, I’d have put it into the story a little higher than paragraph 7.

Mr Coburn is a former congressman, and an obstretrician by profession.

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3 Responses to Death penalty for abortionists

  1. qB says:

    Mr Coburn also gives, as supporting evidence, the fact that he wouldn’t exist if his raped grandmother had been able to have an abortion.


  2. el Patron says:

    And he is vigorously opposed to gun control of any sort.

  3. Charles says:

    Clearly they don’t have anything like “The Moral Maze” in the US. Perhaps instead a program called “The Moral Four-Lane Highway”.

    D’you think we could sell them Melanie Phillips?

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