The British press (1)

There are, -apparently-, papers in the USA which refuse to run the Doonesbury strip this week because BD, when he finds his lower left leg blown off, cries ‘ Son of a bitch’. Compare and contrast the Guardian’s op-ed cartoon today.

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  1. Rupert says:

    I’m bemused by the current American fit of morality – well, I’m not sure it is morality. Pathological prudery, perhaps. I suppose it’s just one of those lovely little beat frequencies that comes from the chaotic mixing of so much religiosity, violence, libertarianism, and heaven knows what else in the American gestalt psyche.

    But what know I, who only San Francisco and New York know? Why the FCC sees fit to rescind the First Amendment because one rock star says fuck and another has a wardrobe malfuction, whereas we’re happy to broadcast South Park BL+U on network telly and have the Guardian print “fucking lazy nigger” on the front cover (and a few cunts inside), is a mystery I cannot fathom.

    Louise will know more. She’s studied Calvinism.


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