Downhill from here

In everyone’s professional life, there comes a moment that can never be surpassed. Is it happier not to notice? I don’t know. But for Roger Boyes, the Times‘s man in Germany, the choice is past. Nothing can ever live up to the intro he wrote on a story yesterday:

“A Cuban told a German court yesterday that he had been offered £3,000 to bite off the penis of a man who was later eaten by the self-confessed Cannibal of Rotenburg.”

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  1. Rupert says:

    I was watching Ricky Gervaise’s stand-up routine on DVD last night, and as these things go it went rather well.

    But I think he’ll have a hard time beating one… well, not punchline, but a sentence that terminated a smooth, surreal crescendo: “Have you been fattening a pipistrelle?”. Bonus points also for finishing the evening with the stage’s sole piece of furniture — a lectern — adorned by a Bible and this book


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