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I deserve to have this happen, I have received unto myself the fruits of my beardliness. But still, it seems hard. When I built my lovely new silent-except-for-vast-speakers computer, I was left with the problem of what to do with the old one. The Devil suggested putting some form of Linux on it and using it as a file-server, backup machine, and silly toy. Most of this worked. The Devil then suggested that I run all the slow and grungy OpenOffice programs for converting years of crud into HTML. To do this, he whispered, I would need to be able to browse the Windows machine from the KDE file manager. To do that, I would need to get a daemon called Lisa running. I told you this was the Devil’s suggestion. The daemon does not run. It gives me an error message. I put the message into Google. Six other people have had this problem. None has solved it, except someone who speaks Italian. It’s possible that a Pole has done so also. I haven’t attempted a machine translation ot that thread, because, according to Google’s translator, the Italian’s problem started when

I was putting on a gas mantle (small net) between two blots some.
> I have tried to make to leave the demon lisa but as output on shal me it is
> appeared this message of error:
> NetManager::prepare: bind (TCP) failed, errno: 98

The solution to his problem was obvious:

I can dirti that after a month I have resolved the problem. When I tried to enter in the cartelle you flavored yourself (samba), konqueror remained “in attended” with the gear that ruotava..e nn it made to see the rows.
… I have shaped konqueror from the panel and gia’ I have activated and shaped lisa
> (I hope correctly poiche’ do not give errors to me when the service set offs).
> If I try launch lisa manually from finishes them, pear tree ‘, I obtain:
> NetManager::prepare: bind (TCP) failed, errno: 98
> Konqueror works for a po’ if I demand the URL: “smb:/”. But if I execute
> this procedure a second time impalla all and konqueror a shielded white woman (with the gear introduces me

There are a lot of nightmare figures in Count Zero, which I have just reread, but nothing in Gibson’s imagination warned us that cyberspace, when we got there, would be guarded by the shielded white woman with a gear.

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  1. Rupert says:

    What’s more worrying still is that the original, “una schmerata bianca”, was a hit novelty record for Jonathan King.

    You are meddling in dangerous waters, and nervously picking at a loose thread in the very fabric of spacetime.


  2. qB says:

    Better a woman in white than a lady in red, I suppose.

  3. s says:

    Especially if this white woman is

  4. Anonymous says:

    I shall attempt to be helpful, and point out that “errno: 98” means “Address already in use” which is Unix-kernel-ese for “some other program has already claimed that communications port, so you can’t have it.” Not knowing anything else I would wonder if this “lisa” daemon, or something else that did its job, were already running.

  5. el Patron says:

    Dear IP Address:, do feel free to use a name here. I don’t enforce the use of email addresses, because they are too easy to harvest, but I do prefer that people leave a name and an url.

    I never did work out what the flaw was. The Lisa daemon wasn’t running, and neither was anything else on port whatever-it-was. But I did eventually find the incantation that got it working properly. Now I can sit at my desk with a VNC session on the Windows machine pointing at the linux box in another room, where a Konqueror session is showing the contents of the drives on the machine I am writing at. Isn’t that useful?

  6. Anonymous says:

    You know, it’s a lot easier just to learn to play the autoharp.


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