sick geek chic

I am in bed with a stinking cold, unable to think. So I play with computers instead. I finally put VNC on the big machine, so that I can now — well, I’m not sure what I can now do that I couldn’t before; but it feels very chic to be able to read the screen of my desktop from anywhere in the house.

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  1. quinn says:

    i love vnc, it kept me sane when i was bedridden after ada’s birth. i used it to suddenly blast loud, strange songs at unsuspecting family members in other parts of the house, among other, more pedestrian uses.

  2. Rupert says:

    VNC is an Application of Inherent Goodness. One of the current aspects of my life is the care, feeding and righteous guidance of a teenager. He would do nothing except be online, were I to so allow. I have a filter set on the router that slams the door on his access at whim. I whim often, usually when he hasn’t done the washing up.

    Recently, I was away for a week on the left coast of a certain troublesome superpower. I spent most of that time within reach of one wireless broadband gateway or another. VNC likes broadband.

    I’d get a phone call from home saying “Daa-aaad, can you enable my Internet access? I’ve done my homework”, and two seconds later I’d hear the chimes over the phone as I logged into XP on the VNC server to get onto the router and disable the rule set.

    Modern parenting, eh?


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