An outburst of piety.

October is shaping up to be phenomenally busy. I have finally finished a troublesome book outline, and can get that off. I have to profile Redmond O’Hanlon, Robert Silvers, and possibly Marvin Minsky for the Guardian. I have promised a long piece ot the Sunday Telegraph on gay priests,and will no doubt be very busy anyway around the 15-16 October, which is when a formal schism is skedded for the Anglican Communion. The worms are coming out in America. I have two regular columns every week. So, naturally, this is going to be the month the Pope dies, too. Dear God, could you please preserve his life till late November? Christmas would be another really good time. Think of the symbolism.

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  1. Rupert says:

    Half-way across the Atlantic last week my heart fair swelled with pride (*) when I saw the worm book advertised in the NYRB, with a pic of the cover to boot. Bit of a weedy quote, though — a one-word puff extract from the Graun’s review — but others got less.


    (*) Or DVT

  2. qB says:

    But if he lives that long you’ll have the jubilee too, won’t you?

    (ps link to wormseyeview gives 404)

  3. el Patron says:

    Ah, thanks for spotting the bust link. I’ll fix it.

  4. el Patron says:

    Should be fine now. qB, did that thing work that I gave you the <meta> for?

  5. Rupert says:

    Meanwhile, what to make of this from the Pope’s PA? A veiled threat? A new species of indulgence?

    “Archbishop Dziwisz said that Cardinal Ratzinger had merely responded in an informal manner to a question about the pope’s health from “someone he met on the street.”

    “Many journalists who in the past have written about the pope’s health are already in heaven,” the archbishop added, seemingly cautioning reporters against any undue alarmism.”

  6. Roz Kaveney says:

    So Dziwisz shares with the late Cardinal Hume the belief that he can tell who got into heaven just by liking the cut of their jib. Why bother having even the slimmed down process of canonization when they can just point and click and Bob is your sainted uncle.

    (Hume, of course, talked of Mother Theresa as having gone to where she would see Princess Diana again and clearly did not mean the fiery pit or Purgatory. Oddly, the teletext story which mentioned his saying this disappeared after a few hours and his remarks were never mentioned again.)

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