domestic violence

I’m meant to be writing something deadly funny about the Swedish euro referendum today, but got distracted by the front page of the tabloid Expressen, which had a bizarre story of domestic violence I had never come across before.

A 32-year-old woman has been arrested because she her mother-in-law up with a frying pan, in her flat near the university. Then she dragged her into a car, drove to a wood, threw her out, and ran her over, causing nearly fatal injuries — she got one tyre right over the ribcage. Then she went home, to the island Lidingö, where she was arrested. The thing that really puzzles me is that everyone I knew on Lidingö was frightfully posh, and well capable of hiring someone else to beat up the mother in law if that seemed desirable. That’s also the role it plays in the Sjöwall Wahlöö books, where the villain always lives in a detached house on the island. Come to think of it Sjöwall Wahlöö, wrote the sort of agitprop in which millionaires did do their own killing. See the laughing policemen. (no time to put an amazon link in there.)

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