“Once upon a Time” in Japanese

An unexpected heavy parcel today contained five copies of the “Worm book”:http://www.thewormbook.com translated into Japanese. I had entirely forgotten this was going to happen. Here. in celebration, is some of the opening sentence. I have long been proud of writing the only pop science book that starts “once upon a time” and now I know, I hope, what the phrase looks like in Japanese.
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3 Responses to “Once upon a Time” in Japanese

  1. Neither the inline image nor the linked image works on the archive page.

  2. Pete says:

    The phrase you clipped (“mukashi aru hi no koto, Jon”) says “Once upon a time*, John-”
    *(it’s not the standard, storyteller-style way of saying ‘once upon a time’ that is shown here – that would be the first 3 letters of the clip repeated, pronounced “mukashi, mukashi” – I’ve never heard the variant in your image, but I’m not exactly a native speaker.)

  3. acb says:

    Thanks for that. The “John” is John Sulston. Obviously, I made a guess at what seemed a reasonable number of characters. I’m so glad they almost kept the storytellers’ phrase, though.

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