Cultural sensitivity

Maybe you don’t read the Sun. Maybe you don’t know what exactly it is that some British troops did, and photographed themselves doing, to Iraqi prisones of war. So here’s the money quote:

ONE [photo] was apparently taken in a warehouse. It showed a man stripped at least to the waist and suspended high in the air by a rope attached to one of the forks on a fork-lift truck.
More rope bound him throughout the length of his body.
He was hanging horizontally and his frightened face was in close-up. A soldier driving the fork-lift truck could be seen in the background, staring at his victim and apparently laughing.
ANOTHER picture showed a pair of white legs and the head of a male Iraqi.
The hand of a man behind the Iraqi’s head appeared to be forcing him to perform oral sex.
The Iraqi was squatting and again appeared to be at least naked to the waist. The soldier’s face was not visible.

No wonder the Army is angry and ashamed. The men who did this should spend years in a military jail. So should their NCOs and their officer. The rest of the platoon should be dispersed into other regiments.

It is also rather frighteing to think that this guy was so stupid, as well as vicious, that he handed the films in to Boots for processing.

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