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It’s a hard life being an “Opera”: bigot. Even Mozilla users sneer at you; I’m not sure why, since I am funding an independent and genuinely competitive company, and they are sponging off AOL Time Warner. Perhaps they can afford the computers to run it on.

I started with Opera because v3 (or was it v2?) was small, fast, and reliable when neither IE nor Netscape were. IE is now fast and reliable; Mozilla, apparently, reliable. Opera probably crashes more than either, which is to say about once every two days of heavy usage. But it so deliciously flexible and controllable that I don’t mind, and the lastest goodie, in version 7.10, is just wonderful. Selecting text and then pressing Shift-Ctrl-C copies the selection into a special bookmark hierarchy, in which the text you marked is displayed in one pane, and the link it came from up above. This is a lot like Ecco’s shooter, except that it’s much quicker and it works, which the Shooter has never done for me reliably under Win2k. Since these notes can be organised in folders, and then a folder dragged into a window to open every item in it, this is the perfect way to organise and keep organised research on the web. Did I mention the incremental search box that searches bookmarks, history, or the text of notes as you type into it?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a Mozilla user, I feel duty-bound to sneer at you. Like in the 1980s TV sitcom you’ll never have seen, The Good Life.

    “Opera lovers!”



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