Author! Author!

I defy any of you to identify, without using a search engine, the person who said this:

bq. “As for me, my mind has long been made up. Getting rid of one side or expelling the other, both are equally impossible propositions. For no other reasons than geographic ones, neither of the two peoples is able to set up a separate, viable state. After all, it?s only 15 kilometers (nine miles) from the West Bank to the sea. A mortar shell fired from anywhere in the Palestinian countryside can hit Tel Aviv. It?s out of the question that the biggest city in a country can find itself under this kind of threat on a permanent basis. The only smart solution would be to create a single state that would allow Israelis and Palestinians to live together in peace. I?ve even come up with a name for it?Isratine. We have a model for a state like that in the Middle East: Lebanon. This is a country that has managed to bring together different religions and peoples in a single entity.”

The speaker is someone you have heard of.

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