good press

Just when I thought the worm book was over in this country, along comes a “delicious review”:,,2102-615692,00.html in the _Sunday Times_. And I caught three trout over the weekend, but that is a subject for a later entry. First to finsih an obituary which is a year overdue. I’m very happy about that. It’s someone I like and esteem. I don’t want her to die. But it would be good to have the damn obit filed away.

It occurs to me that I am starting this week writing an obituary for the _Times_, and will finish it with a supper at the Athenaeum. Also the Oxford Union wants me to speak as “one of Britain’s best-known atheists”. Shit! Mother! Where did I go wrong? I don’t _want_ to be respectable. Solvent, yes. Able to travel — that’s a necessity. And — all right, admit it — I want to turn down a knighthood, as Neal Ascherson did.

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