Old time religion

My thanks to “Simon Sarmiento,”:http://www.thinkinganglicans.org.uk/ who sent me this nugget from the “South African”:http://www.zoutnet.co.za/news/details.asp?StoNum=4197 Press.

bq.. Bishop Joseph Tanzwani, commonly known as Ramafamba, of Makonde village, is alleged to have taken part in the ritual murder case of a promising soccer star, the late Maanda Sendedza, whose private parts and tongue were sliced off. His girlfriend, Nyelisani Sidimela, was left helplessly beside his body and her lips were removed. Sendedza’s trousers and cell phone were missing when he was discovered.

Ramafamba has joined his two accused in the same case, Mukondeleli Phosha (54) and Shumani Dzebu (31), both traditional healers, who were arrested in November last year. Phosha and Dzebu were allegedly found in possession of Maanda Sendedza’s private parts, tongue, cell phone and trousers. They were also found in possession of Nyelisani Sidimela’s removed lips. Nyelisani is presently receiving treatment at a Gauteng hospital.

A large crowd gathered at the court to have a close look at the man of the cloth, who is in his early seventies, during his appearance in court.

p. Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to make the _Church Times._

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