Stick a pitchfork in Heaney; he’s done.

You may have harboured doubts about the poetry of Seamus Heaney; but you will not have put them so well, nor so cruelly, as A.N. Wilson in the Telegraph today. His review of District and Circle concludes:

There is nothing here, unless you like poems about turnip-snedders or bits of unconnected prose about the Nissen huts that constituted the poet’s first school.

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One Response to Stick a pitchfork in Heaney; he’s done.

  1. PJ White says:

    You see cruelty. I see silly knockabout.

    Caroline Moore ended “her review”: in the same paper saying, “Only very sour-grape dissenters will not agree that Heaney has ‘a power to bind and loose’ in this volume.”

    Do you think Wilson read that, recognised himself, and rose to the challenge?


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