At last

A “paedophile priest” scandal that can be enjoyed wholeheartedly by pinkos. It has seemd that all the cases of child abuse in the American church were in fact homosexual. Now something much more Swaggertesque has turned up in the files of the Archdiocese of Boston, as reported by the Boston Globe:

In one extraordinary case the Rev Robert Meffan persuaded teenage novice nuns, some as young as 15, to perform sexual acts as a means of becoming “intimate with Christ”, telling them he was the “second coming”. Three women testified that Fr Meffan had come to their dormitory or summoned them to his rectory office when they were teenagers, told them to undress and persuaded them to stroke and kiss his genitals and perform other sexual acts short of intercourse, telling them to imagine making love with Christ.
Fr Meffan, now 73, has not apologised. “I was trying to get them to love Christ even more intimately and even more closely,” he told the Boston Globe. “To me they were just wonderful, wonderful young people. It was a very beautiful, I thought, beautiful, spiritual relationship that was physical and sexual.”
You have to love religion sometimes. Without it, the human capacity for self-deception would be so much less enjoyable.
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