literary life

Last night to CB2. We took with us the eight-year-old son of friends, who was disgusted to find that his burger tasted of beef, rather than McDonald

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ! You may want to look into the phrase, “…and the Guardian and Granta and a bunch of other things. Nice to meet you.”

    Still, you’ve given the vicar plenty of milage in astonishment.


  2. Rupert says:

    Ther was also a nonne, a prioresse,
    That of hir smylyng was ful symple and coy;
    Hire gretteste ooth was but by seinte loy.
    Not lik the scrivener she met;
    Who wolde vouche sauf for her to feck
    Off, and swive hireself as well.
    As greteings go, this one cut short the tale.

    Aren’t you supposed to wait for the /other/ person to say “Fuck off!”? Writerly etiquette. Never understood it.

    Well done on scoring Wasteland, though. I enjoyed his Tristram Shandy much more than the original, though this could just be my post-lit genes.


  3. Andrew says:

    Rupert! My brother!
    il miglior fabbro

    How long before you are locked up in an Italian Lunatic asylum, broadcasting about the Jews?

  4. Phlatfish says:

    1. There are never too many Kingsley Amiss novels, however you are perfectly right to say there are far too many books on offer. T’was ever thus (well actually t’wasn’t, there was a brief period in history when the only books in print were good ones).

    2. You wasted so much time of your life not writing them by being here and not writing them. I hereby give you a second chance and wait with bated breath.

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