Testing — please help

I have upgraded this to Movable Type 4.1; a lot may have gone wrong, and I am in any case taking off to Norfolk for the day. So will kind commentators please comment here and let me know if there are problems? Also, the picture at the top looks much too light. Again, comments are welcome. I should perhaps change it if I can do so without too much drama.

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10 Responses to Testing — please help

  1. acb says:

    wil it take a comment, or are they still buggered?

  2. scv says:

    Lookin’ good Houston.

  3. David Weman says:

    Let’s see…

    å for å,
    ö for ö,
    £ for £

  4. Rupert says:

    Looking gooooooood. Be there RSS hereabouts?


  5. acb says:

    There ought to be RSS. I will poke around.

  6. Mrs Tilton says:

    Test string: @€ßäöü; should be: at; EUR; eszet; umlauted a, o and u.

    Not sure about the picture. It doesn’t look lighter to me so much as grainier than it was; but perhaps I am imagining that.

  7. DHM says:

    The RSS feed from here comes with all the html tags, making the more linky posts really hard to read in Google Reader/Bloglines etc. In this it’s unique among the blogs I read regularly, is there a way to make it RSS friendlier?

  8. Rupert says:

    Ah yes, there it is. Dunno why I missed it. Right, Helm, you’re in among the rapacious mixture of science, religion, prehistory, IT industry news and plain old nerdery that spews from my monstrous RSS feed.

    Now, all I have to do is find a decent filtered feed for alien bishop tentacle sex pron (does anyone blog the General Synod?), await my cyberjack interface, and I’m done with the planet.


  9. It looks good to me and it still had my info.

  10. acb says:

    DHM: can you give examples? I have looked at the feed templates and can’t understand anything. What is particularly odd is that you say mine is the only site to have these effects. I haven’t done anything at all to the standard settings, although the original template was passed me by a friend.

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