Swedish creativity

I think that this is the strangest idea I have ever seen as reality TV: a Swedish production company is going around the Cannes TV festival with an idea for a show where pregnant single women look for stepfathers for their children.

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  1. Observer says:

    Got any linkable source for that? I’ve seen articles about the “single mom” reality show (“ensam mamma söker…”:http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensam_mamma_s%C3%B6ker) being marketed in cannes, but nothing about a more _gravid_ version of that show.

  2. DHM says:

    Are you not mixing up ‘strange’ and ‘crap’?

  3. acb says:

    Sorry: I thought I had put a link in. I found “the story linked here”:http://www.alltombarn.se/1.9778 from the front page of DN:

  4. acb says:

    The headline is precisely _Gravida singelkvinnor söker styvfäder till sina barn._

  5. Mrs Tilton says:

    See, this is why I love Swedish though I speak not a word of it, beyond those few that Francis Strand has taught me. Given the context this post provides as well as some familiarity with German and Scots, I can suss that headline easily enough. But my word, aren’t the possibilities for misinterpretation by the innocent anglophone eye wonderful!

  6. Observer says:

    Ouch. And then I found this: http://www.alltombarn.se/1.9804

  7. acb says:

    ouch again — the page referenced above is a game show looking for sperm donors for wokmen who have everythign except a baby. But the thing that really freaked me, actually, was the skyline, showing two milfy blonde columnists, one saying “When I laughed after a fart it made the whole evening”; and the other “When I was a child, no one swore in children’s TV”. Bring back priggishness!

  8. acb says:

    Mrs T: I suppose you read it as women looking for stiff fathers, you disgusting woman.

  9. Mrs Tilton says:


    “looking for”? Oh no, it’s much worse than that, I assure you; even if it is mildly mitigated by the picturesque agricultural setting.

    As for the singelkvinnor’s graviditas: some years ago a friend told me he had picked up a gift for a friend of his, a fellow banker and a perhaps rather more more typical specimen of _Homo essexianus_ than, erm, you. The gift was a porn film called, so far as I can remember, something like _Ready to Drop IV_ and featured kvinnor (no idea whether they were singel or not) doing that which they had manifestly done at least once before in the preceding nine months. (The Essex banker liked that sort of thing, I was told.) I was well and truly flabbergasted. Not at the idea of pregnancy porn as such, mind you. I hadn’t known there were such films, but I have read Olivia Judson and so nothing about sexuality, human or otherwise, will ever surprise me again. No, what astonished me is that this market was sufficient to have already produced Parts I, II and III. (And for all I know the series is by now XXX in more ways than one.)

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