Instant bibliographies

I hate bibliographies, and I suspect that any tool I bought to handle them would consume immense quantities of otherwise productive slightly less unproductive time. On the other hand, I need to have reliable references and footnotes from time to time and I think I have discovered a free and fairly reliable way to get them into Openoffice that requires no more than half a dozen mouse clicks from the moment I find a quote in the book I am reading. It will, of course, work with Word, too.

I get the bibliographic details of whatever I am quoting from Librarything: this requires at most half a dozen passes with the cuecat scanner and often only one. From Librarything, they are dumped into the Zotero firefox extension. That’s one mouse click. Zotero has plugin toolbars for both word and openoffice, so when I need to source a quote, I add one more mouseclick in OOo, and then type in the page number. Instant footnote.

I think it will also produce a bibliography at the end, but I haven’t tested that yet.

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