I hate software (rollup post)

# I was trying to install the Flickr plugin for MT and got a message about being out of disk space. It turns out that in two months, *220 MB* of spam had silted up in the inbox where I kept mail to discarded addresses. 10,000 at least of these messages were bounces complaining that spam had been sent from this domain.
# I was really quite excited when Sun announced last spring — after 163 people had complained over a period of five years — that something would be done about the unusable notes feature in OpenOffice. It turns out that this something is the recruitment of one volunteer programmer through the Google Summer of Code programme; there are also _four_ other people to do QA, mentoring, specification, user experience, etc. So naturally, nothing will actually appear until February next year if it is on schedule. But there is “a pretty wiki page”:http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Notes2 to look at in the meanwhile
# About three months ago, in a cleanup, I threw away a couple of Win 98 discs. Why would I ever need _them_ again? I discovered why this afternoon: the discs for Windows 2000 I use on this machine won’t install without checking that there is an earlier model in place.

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