Before I forget

_Svenska Dagbladet_ “reports”: — though I can’t find it in the current PNAS — that researchers at the Karolinska, working with a team in Florida, have managed to reverse Alzheimer’s disease in mice by combining stem-cell transplants into the brain with a course of Fenserin, a chemical already known to slow the development of amyloid plaques.

The science isn’t terribly clear from the article, and I don’t have time to pursue it right now. It says the results are published in PNAS. They’re not in the current issue, is all I can say. Perhaps an embargo has been jumped. In any case, the news line is strong: “Swedish and American researchers have found a combination of drug treatment and cell transplants which stimulates neurogenesis.”

This could be huge news, so I jot it down here in the knowledge that I will have forgotten all about it by lunchtime.

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