Dembski and holocaust denial

I should have a piece up about this shortly on CiF but it’s worth noting that William Dembski, the main proponent of ID, has been defending, as a martyr to free speech, one of the most vicious anti-semites and holocaust deniers I have ever come across.

I suspect that this is just because he doesn’t read German, or hasn’t bothered to check the original sources. But there is in any case something crazy in his willingness to believe that civilised European governments would jail people for their scientific opinions.

Connoisseurs of right-wing fruitcake are urged to take a look at this thread on Free Republic (I know, I know) where Lerle (who is, as I say, a completely unabashed anti-semite and holocaust denier) is presented as a Christian martyr. It takes all of six posts before someone there remarks that “It seems the Nazis never left Germany”. Well, duh.

My thanks to the gloriously resurgent Mrs T, who first brought this story to my attention.

Non-German speakers who want the ghastly detail will find it here

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