Feeding the hungry

I looked at my stats the other day, and realised that I get something like 1800 visitors a day; more than 2000 when I am writing a lot here. So I feel I owe you something (you all owe me, and each other, good comments).

In particular, I decided that I owe you all feeds that work. Many thanks, then, to “Rafe Coburn”:http://www.rc3.org for first pointing out, and then, when I couldn’t, fixing, a screwup in the atom feed for this blog. It should no longer contain raw textile.

I feel that learning to understand feed templates would just be a geek too far for me. On the other hand, I just read and understood, the following sentence: %(sane)The web can eat toolchain bait like this for breakfast.% so perhaps I am already too far geeked.

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