Torture: an instructional video

Would it help explain the issues to make a film in a prominent torture supporter is kidnapped and waterboarded, on video, until he agrees to say that he, not Monica Lewinsky, gave Bill Clinton a blow job; also that torture is wrong; that waterboarding isn’t torture and that he was right to vote for it?

After this statement has been made, and played back to him, and he has signed it, all on camera, you bring on a third party, and explain that the Senator will have to perform with them some degrading act, on camera, and then say once more that waterboarding isn’t torture, that he was right to vote for it — that is, unless he wants the treatment to resume … I don’t think it would be necessary to film much after that. .

It might work. It might, of course change nothing. If American voters really thought their enemies could be humiliated that badly, would they just be delighted to have that technique as a weapon?

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