Textile despair

Some of the people who read this — I’m looking at you, Hammersley — know quite a lot about Movable Type. So maybe, somewhere you there on the lazyweb, is the person who can tell me why the individual archive template, which is what you get when you try to make a comment, or to read the comments on a particular entry, blows up all the “fancy” quotes — the em dashes — and everything else that shows up fine when the same entry is displayed on the front page.

In both cases, the tag I am using is identical: %(loony) <$MTEntryBody smarty_pants=”1″ filters=”textile_2″$> % but while this entry will look fine onthe front page, it will look terrible on its own. Why?

UPDATE; it was a side-effect of the switch to dynamic publishing. The front page here is generated statically; the individual pages here are pubished dynamically, using PHP. But if you use PHP to do this, you need a different plugin to pretty up the quotes, which I now have got. Any further errors, complaints to the usual place.

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