Slo-ooo-w progress

The rate of progress on OOo is glacial; every fortnight or so I get an update on [“issue 6193,”:] about the utter uselessness of notes in Writer compared to MS Word, and that was opened in June 2002, since when nothing whatever has been done. But even glaciers move, when you’re not watching.

I downloaded, and played with the latest version of “NeoOffice”: for the mac, and there is nothing bad to report. It just installed; just worked; just did everything. Even the python scripting worked, which was rather eerie. In fact, it should work better than on Windows, since it uses the system Python and not a separate copy.

As a final tribute to its integration with the operating system, the keyboard malfunctioned as it should under OS X (confusion among the modifier keys).

Neooffice is an unofficial project, which uses bits of Java to get round the horrors of X11. But looking quickly at the release notes for the latest official build, it looks as if they are about to add a tabbed document interface. I haven’t dared test this. On the other hand, there is [“a delicious new bug”:] whereby, if you save a document twice in Word format, all the upper-case non-ascii European letters are replaced with squares. Yet it works when you only save it once.

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