The things that Telegraph readers say

Perhaps by coincidence, Damian Thompson was very quiet for a couple of months after I wrote about him reproducing a neo-nazi propaganda story on his Daily Telegraph blog, though he did ring up to say he would never speak to me again. But recently he has resumed his usual mixture of hating Catholic bishops because they are liberal and hating Muslims because they are not.Telegraph readers just lap it up. In the excerpts below from the latest comments thread I particularly like the call for Muslims to be “interred without trial”. I hope it was a misprint, but one can never be certain.

  • even as a foregner here I would vote UKIP or BNP in European Parliament. Multi culti Labours and Conservatives alike are utterly incapable to distinguish between cultures and they put evrything on the same level. You want help, work? Good. You want destroy our culture, good as well. Every culture is equal. Like Soviet Union once upon a time. Only BNP and UKIP do not bear signs of post marxism.
  • The time will come, soon I believe, when the whole might of the British state will have to confront Islam in the UK and some of the Muslim inhabitants here.
    That will be when the US and Israel attack Iran and, therefore, Islamic power.
    Then, I believe there will have to be internment of many Islamic people in the UK, and this will involve terrible confrontation.
    No need to have that now over some verbal events.
    Have it later when the 2,000 or more UK Islamis being followed up by MI5 at the present time need to be interred without trial for the safety of the rest of us.
  • Since the 1960s, when the white people of Finsbury Park, Newham, all rose up in protest at the mass immigration happening in their communities, and were denounced as racists by the namby pamby element.
    Easy to see why any decent white families would get out of such areas isn’t it. Which is why they belong to these muslim filth today.
    Enoch Powell is having the last laugh.
  • the only time we might do somehing is when the moslems are cutting your childrens throats, and then you would hesitate as it would be against -the race relations act- not politically correct. it is already too late . what can you do to control two million lunatics determind to rule you .

These comments are all, I believe, moderated. [They are not, Damian says in the comments] They are certainly allowed to stand. That, it seems to me, makes them part of what the paper’s latest press release boasted was its “integrated religious affairs coverage”. This raises one interesting question: what kind of things are too gross for the Telegraph to integrate into its coverage of religious affairs?

Ironists may also enjoy his self-description at the head of the blog: “Damian Thompson is a leader writer for the Daily Telegraph and editor-in-chief of a major Catholic newspaper. He is the author of Counterknowledge: How we surrendered to conspiracy theories, quack medicine, bogus science and fake history.

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