more feedback needed

I think I have changed the feed links over. If you get this in an rss reader, then your transfer to the new blogging system has worked. Please drop something in the comments to say so: obviously I can’t ask people for whom it hasn’t worked to complain.

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12 Responses to more feedback needed

  1. tom says:

    It didn’t work for me (I had to come to the site via a browser to find this post). Also, the liink in the top right side bar ( seems to be broken

    Good luck with it

  2. admin says:

    OK. I fixed the link in the upper sidebar. I don’t know exactly what the state of play is with feed readers. Mine subscribes here without problems, so it is a bit hard for me to debug.

  3. Nick says:

    Works for me (google reader)

  4. SRW says:

    Bloglines has finally caught up with you, but IE6 is playing silly buggers with the layout on the page – the sidebar is so depressed its fallen down to the bottom of the screen. Perhaps it needs some chemical intervention? Perhaps my employers need to update their software more regularly?

  5. Rupert says:

    RSS Scanners report a strange energy fluctuation from planet Saffron, Captain. Nature… unknown. But we think it’s a working blog.

  6. ShaunR says:

    Google Reader. 10 new items at 9:37 today, including a dupe of ‘Travel Notes’ from May 4.

  7. Louise says:

    Yes, it turned up on my googlereader

  8. acb says:

    When I am dead they will find mod_rewrite graven on my soul. Probably something like

    RewriteCond {REMOTE_USER} andrew
    RewriteRule (.*) in/eternal/torment/thanks/to/mode_rewrite/$1

  9. acb says:

    @SRW: it works OK in IE7 is all I can say, because that’s what I tested it with here. I will shave a couple of percentage points of both columns in the stylesheet and see what gives. I think this is probably the well-known feature whereby IE interprets padding as being outside the box it pads, whereas everyone else, including the standard, thinks it’s inside.

    But I may have to write about Einstein first.

  10. Works for me in my gmail web clip

  11. Charles says:

    Works for me, and loving the full feed. The sidebar doesn’t seem to have come across to the single page (I spent days struggling with this on another WP installation, where the sidebar KEPT appearing below the post & comments, then found that a single CSS substitution – from “widecolumn” to “narrowcolumn” – would fix it all, immediately.)

    Suggest Spam Karma 2 if you don’t want to have to moderate comments. Perhaps you have it already. There’s also WPAU, WP Automatic Upgrade, which will do all the boring upgrade stuff when there’s even a hundredth-decimal upgrade. Though it does disable all the plugins and then not turn them on again – beware.

  12. acb says:

    hmm. I am using the narrowcolumn class, and it is fine in firefox. I wonder what browser you’re on. In any case, I’ve shaved another 2% of the column width. Can you see it now?

    I’m using akismet for spam, which seems OK, though slightly more cumbersome than the really elegant javascript solution I used for MT. What is the advantage of spam karma?

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