The metabolic power of the sacred

Possibly also classed under patriotism. God knows the British press is dreadful “at times.”: But I don’t think that even the _Daily Mail_ could publish this “particular flavour”: of crap. If it could, surely someone there would have been sacked for failing to do so already.

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  1. I’m (nearly) speechless with admiration. E=MC^2! Faster than the speed of light! Eight sacred metabolizers! Maybe more!

    It’s really rather sweet that goofy mystics feel so compelled to appropriate the language of science, however distorted. Salon has been running a series of articles on Scientology (I assume this has something to do with Tom Cruise), and LRH’s Dianetics shares many of those same characteristics.

    Of course, we see folks wrapping themselves in the flag of science all the time, albeit not so very dramatically, invoking the magic of evolution, quantum mechanics, G

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