worse than Biggles

Anyone who cares about Christianity and literature should be following Fred Clark’s weekly deconstruction of the _Left Behind_ novels, and “this week’s entry”:http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2005/05/lb_accidental_h.html is a classic.

bq.. _Left Behind_ is filled with moments of accidental honesty in which L&J admit that the Christians aren’t just “raptured,” they’re dead. We find two such passages in this section, first in Buck’s phone conversation with Hattie Durham

Buck tells Hattie he has “good news” for her:
“Oh, thank God! Tell me.”
“Someone from my office tells me they reached your mother and that she and your
sisters are fine.”
“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

By “fine” what Buck means is that Hattie’s family are not among the disappeared/dead. They both regard this as good, even joyful, news, which for Hattie it certainly is.

After the obligatory discussion of the state of the phone lines Hattie asks Buck about his family. This gives her a chance to fill in the Greatest Investigative Reporter of All Time about the fact that all of the prepubescent children in the world having gone missing, a detail which, again, the GIRAT hadn’t yet noticed himself, having spent most of his time since the event meditating in a men’s room stall:

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