Who’s your Pope?

I know there is at least one German-speaking Catholic reader of this blog and was originally just going to post for his benefit a link “here”:http://www.eye-said-it-before.de/wir-sind-papst/index.php which goes to a pisstake of _Bild Zeitung’s_ headline on the election of Pope Benedict, which was _Wir sind Papst_ or “We are Pope”. But the story got better.

A German satirical blog invited readers to illustrate this news with photoshop, and hundreds obliged, sending in pictures of themselves as Holy Father. After a while, _Bild_ itself picked this up and ran a story about the new craze — illustrated, of course, with a pretty and female Pope. But they didn’t ask her permission, and now she is “suing”:http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/politik/0,1518,354527,00.html them …

Sometimes people ask why on earth I use OpenOffice. Well, it’s because “the developers”:http://jroller.com/page/erAck/20050504#wir_sind_papst point to stories like this on their blogs.

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