Pope Benedict

A faithful reader why I hadn’t blogged on the subject. After two Guardian pieces and one on Opendemocracy.org, I didn’t really feel I had anything to say. But now I have read through the papers I skipped all weekend, I noticed something. Ratzinger ran a blinder of a campaign, so it was nice to see a report that, when he realised he was winning, he prayed that God would take the job away from him because he’d never wanted it; nice, I mean, in the sense that there is something deeply gratifying when a new Pope inaugurates his reign by telling a whopping lie. Proves, rather, that there is a God.

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  1. Robert Nowell says:

    My response to reading your blog was a very loud cachinnation. My own conclusion is that the Holy Ghost has been taking a sabbatical – for a bit too long.

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