An unusual software plug

I’ve said this before, but “Abby FineReader”: is the best 70 Euros I have ever spent on software and proof that the stuff built in Russia is much better than its American rivals. I am using it this afternoon to scan in some 30 year old xeroxes of typewritten Swedish court documents, about as grim a test of OCR as I can imagine. It went off and got a Swedish dictionary for me and then read, with very little fuss, a page that looks like this:

The Swedish-speaking readers may proceed to sprain their brains by clicking on that to read it at full size. It is part of the story of a real “changeling.”:

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2 Responses to An unusual software plug

  1. Beck Laxton says:

    I’m getting a 404 on that changeling link, Andrew.

  2. acb says:

    That’s because I’m an idiot. It should work now.

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