London made much more interesting

I’m off to meet my producer at Squealer Slurs, via Methanol Theta and Arcadian Noodle. A “wonderful map”: found “via”:

Quite unconnected, but possibly also fun, the “Dennett review”:,,1717035,00.html has also been published.

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3 Responses to London made much more interesting

  1. oliver says:

    and a damn fine review it is too

  2. rupertg says:

    Has DD evinced a reaction meme viz your review yet?


  3. acb says:

    No response yet. I wrote to him about the Ruse correspondence row, mentioning that I had written a rude review. I didn’t know then that it had been published, until I got a nice letter from someone in Australia asking whether I was myself a theist.

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