He said what?

The Guardian’s full transcript of the interview with Rowan Williams is a fascinating glimpse into the process of manufacturing news stories. It contains one quote which won’t be noticed anywhere else, but deserves to be: “parts of the internet are, you know, the preserve of bigots and maniacs” Let’s hope he doesn’t get flamed for this by the commentators at David Virtue’s site. (If that seems obscure, look here and do a search on the comments whose tagline is “with christian love”. Not safe before meals.)

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One Response to He said what?

  1. rupert says:

    Ignoring the bigots and maniacs (and isn’t it nice when one does), this seems to be a good example of why intellectuals can’t herd cats. Is it far to read from his musings on Bonhoeffer a feeling that he may be closer to the end of his tether than “There might come a moment where you say we can’t continue, we can’t continue with this. I – I don’t know when or if.” indicates?

    And as for the Building Bridges seminars, perhaps the Islams who go to those aren’t the Islams causing the trouble….


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