the awful thing,

By the end, he looked [“like George Melly”:]. It is also a detail in the _Aspen Times_ “coverage”: that the second crew at the scene were the bereavement counsellors.

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  1. Rupert Goodwins says:

    As someone who may be coming to Mellyhood early, I suspect that early and dedicated dissipation is not without its consequences.

    The question now arises: how might one mark the passing of HST in appropriate fashion. A Uher, a suitcase of drugs and the Labour Party Conference?

    Talking of the American psyche on drugs, I know you’ve sworn off the scrying of eagle entrails from afar but it is odd how the Bush marijuana tapes are being, er, played. While I’m sure that the only pills, powders and potions Cheney enjoys are the very finest prescription on scrip, we’re now looking at four consecutive terms of pothead presidents with two ditto viz the Veep. But everyone’s so dead set on the War on Drugs, after all these years. Someone must have slipped them some really rank gear.


  2. acb says:

    Was Cheney a pot-head? What did I miss? uuuuuh?

  3. Rupert says:

    Maaan, you were like so outta it!

    Er, no. I was just trying to say that Cheney probably takes more drugs than everyone else put together, always assuming he’s not some sort of mechanoid replicant.


  4. qB says:

    At least he didn’t look like Will Self.

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