Swedish amazon equivalent?

Is there any Swedish online bookshop that will ship its products outside Scandinavia? I can’t find one and I don’t know anywhere in this country that sells a wide range of Swedish books. As a side-note, IKEA, when it first opened in Neasden, had the bookshelves lined with hardback book club editions of Swedish novels of no discernible merit. I stole one. Should I admit this?

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  1. Not Ad Libris or Bokus? (I’ve never tried, but it seems weird that they won’t.)

  2. This is my specialist subject! Most won’t, for sure, including Bokus (gory details? I got your gory details right here).

    But Akademibokhandeln will and do, and they have thus been appointed suppliers of papperbocks by appointment to me.

    I don’t claim they never screw up, though: they emailed my last time saying the Kalle Anke Pocket I ordered wasn’t in stock and what to do, since they don’t like to dispatch partial orders to Abroad on account of the postage (which is heinous, for sure). So I gave them a range of issues to pick from and the package came. Followed, a couple of days later, by the originally requested one, on its lonesome and invoiced accordingly.

    Amazon, they are, which is to say, not, but they’re the only game in town AFAIK, and I think they rebate VAT for Abroadians. (They give you the “Student” price, at least.)

  3. acb says:

    Ben, they were the first places I tried. But they won’t ship anywhere outside Sweden. Freiherr von Bladet, I had forgotten Akademibokhandel — rather, I remembered it as the big physical chain. I shall go off and poke around. I need to reread Astrid Lindgren, though maybe I should wat with that until I am holed up some place like Torsby.

  4. Erik says:

    Neither Bokus, nor AdLibris ships outside Sweden, but Akademibokhandeln does! (http://www.akademibokhandeln.se/). The largest bookstore chain in Sweden, who also do Internet-shopping nowadays.

  5. Erik says:

    …but that’s exactly what Des said! (Funny, I didn’t see that comment when I posted mine. Moderation?)

  6. acb says:

    Probably moderation. I’m going to switch that off. It doesn’t seem to be working properly, and requires me to get up early in the mornings.

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