A choice of lectures

On Wedensday 22 February, the Darwin Centre at LSE finally restarts, with a lecture by Richard Dawkins. On the same night. Simon Conway Morris is “lecturing at St Mary le Bow “:http://www.stmarylebow.co.uk/news/boyle2005.htm on _his_ version of Darwinism. Which to attend? Actually, this requires very little thought. Dawkins’ lecture will be reprinted all over the place and I have never met SCM. But I wonder if there is anything special about the date which makes it irresistable to lecturers on evolution.

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  1. Rupert says:

    I haven’t read the book nor encountered SCM elsewhere, but from the blurb he seems to be keen on some form of deistic anthropic principle. I’m not sure of the advisability of unleashing Dawkings and anti-Dawkings wavefronts at the same time in the same city – if life were a 1940s SF short story (and it is), then this would be the experiment that went wrong and cleft the very fabric of SPACE AND TIME THEMSELVES, creating an unhealable rift through which the blue pixies from Sydney and Lagos pour.

    A large length of cosmic string has recently been observed ( or has it? ) which would indeed be some sort of intersection between this universe and Otherness, so perhaps these are indeed the signs of the End Times. Talking of string theory, I see that Team America is out – which just about wraps it up.

    Watch the skies.


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