Smoking righteous turkey

Whatever they do for Christmas in San Francisco, (and it probably involves unnatural acts with tofu rather than turkey) Andrew Orlovsky “has not held back:”:

bq. Online has always been a promiscuous communications medium: it’s easy to step on and step off, so you can vomit over someone and leave without facing the consequences. It’s why the internet has great flame wars and lousy discussions. Perhaps online is doomed to attract fluffy thinking, too, although that can’t explain why it attracts such Panglossian fantasies as the ‘blogosphere’ and Wikipedia. (The Wikipedia is the open-to-all reference source that’s as good as its last entry. It was started and is sustained by Ayn Rand nuts, and frankly it reads like it; but it has yet to feature on the evangelicals’ radar: which is when the fun will really start).

I think he may be right about this danger to the wikipedia, perhaps because I spent all afternoon drinking claret and talking about Scottish witch trials.

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  1. Rupert says:

    And a kist of mens’ members, tentacle porn and the C of E. With all of which, I fear, the evangelicals are already fully cogniscent.


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