A better class of support

This just came up on one of the support lists for the next openoffice beta:

bq.. Hi Juraj,

> It does not work.

Where would you put the check mark?

[ ] it does nothing
[ ] it copies too much data
[ ] it does not copy enough data
[ ] it copies wrong data
[ ] it crashes OOo
[ ] It colores your screen
[ ] it explodes your microwave oven
[ ] it laughs at you
[ ] it inseminates your cat

In other words: What does “it does not work” *mean*? And, while we are at it, how exactly are you doing it?

p. Christmas must have come early in Hamburg.

I should add that the man who posted this has been, over the years, the most helpful and responsive programmer I have ever dealt with at Sun. He really does listen to well-formed complaints and gets them fixed or provides convincing explanations as to why they can’t be. I’d rather have this kind of response than any amount of po-faced stonewalling.

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