The last Telegraph leader

I think [“this”:] stands as the most comprehensive surrender document signed by any ideology since 1989.

bq. America should avoid direct, large-scale military action in the Middle East, relying instead on surrogates and operating behind the scenes to turn Muslim opinion against the jihadis. … the invasion of Iraq has helped to radicalise the Muslim world and thus push it towards the arms of the extremists.

For fullest enjoyment, as they say, it should be read in conjunction with [“what”:] they [“said”:] [“earlier.”:]

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  1. BondBloke says:

    I think, if the truth be told, that they [the U.S.] don’t have a clue what they are doing, simply running in circles like headless chickens. America has absolutely no concept of peace-keeping as they have no experience of it; it is something that British soldiers are good at born of decades of experience around the world.

    When it comes to differences it always seems to surprise Americans that others have the temerity to think differently to them…

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