Ecco open sourced?

I can hardly believe this, but one of the most original and useful programs of the last fifteen years may finally be “available for improvement.”: for some time now Ecco has been given away free as a donwloadable binary, and if you haven’t tried it, do. But opening the code might make it much more useful.

“Ecco Pro”: was, and is, the most useful information manager, project organiser, and generally intelligent dustbin I have ever found. It was sold as a sort of outliner, but, as Rupert once said, the only really outliner-ish thing about it was that the enter key didn’t work properly.

It’s still what I use for contacts and projects: it is superb, for example, at organising radio programmes. If the code is open-sourced, and legible, there is a rumour that Sun might assimilate parts of it into the OpenOffice project, which would be wonderful. There may well be programs as good on Windows now (“OneNote?”: “Biblioscape?”: and there is almost certainly something classy for the Mac. But there is nothing remotely as slick and competent available for Linux, and it would be a help for corporate users, as well as real people.

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3 Responses to Ecco open sourced?

  1. Daniel says:

    For note taking Tomboy’s pretty good.

  2. acb says:

    Maybe, but I flinch from a program whose “webiste”: says %(loony)The newest release (0.2.2) has lots of great changes and many bugfixes, including … %

    Ecco is up to 4.03, and it works really solidly. I admit that wiki-like linking, which Tomboy offers, would be good. But it’s no substitute for the speed with which you can make informative and useful grid layouts in Ecco.

  3. Daniel says:

    Guess so, but you won’t get much better on Linux.

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