heavily armed Christians

via boingboing comes this site, not, so far as I can tell, a parody.

the best of military technology is not readily available to the citizen militiaman, in spite of the fact that the very purpose of the Second Amendment is to insure that the citizen is as well armed as the troops that any enemy, foreign or domestic, could muster to enslave them. There are however, at the beginning of 1999, some very adequate weapons still available to the average patriotic Christian.

The more politically incorrect firearms are not likely to be found at your local general sporting goods outlet, and for this reason one should boycott such Quislings. Patronize full service firearms dealers and the venders at local gun shows who understand that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is not about duck hunting. At this late date, backorders are out of the question.

So far as I can see, this was put up in the run-up to armageddon, and left there when the world failed to end on or about the 31st December 1999. But there is a rather bitter twist when you realise that these fantasies have played their part in bringing about a situation where a heavily armed, deeply religious citizenry are fighting an army of occupation in a a guerilla war — except of course that the country, the religion, and most of the weapons are all wrong. I’m not sure the occupying army is wrong, though. It’s a notable feature of pre 9/11 American hyper-nationalism that a lot of it envisaged the patriots figthing the US (federal) government.

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  1. H. E. Baber says:

    Every time I check back here there’s another comment on the peculiarities of American life.

    The gun business, that Europeans find so weird, isn’t part of some religious crusade or just a thing for survivalists with fantasies about fighting the US government–about half of American households have guns. It’s a manifestation of the conservative sentiment that’s gripped Americans for the past 25 years, the idea that government can’t provide benefits to citizens or protect them on the domestic front, that its proper role is to fight wars abroad and otherwise avoid intruding on their lives. State schools are hopeless–cut taxes so people can afford to send their kids to private schools or home-school them; cops can’t protect us–we need guns to protect ourselves and our property.

    Here’s my take anyway: The Red Menace

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