And it’s not even [“my bandwidth”:] but the _Guardian’s._ I read Slashdot with the comment threshold at four, which cuts out most of the crap, but even there you find someone complaining that there was no mention of Richard Stallman. Free software is not a cure for restrictive IP. It’s an inflammatory reaction.

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3 Responses to Slashdotted

  1. Rupert says:

    Hah – slashdotted on the same page (I was reporting on chip design problems – much more prosaic). Mine provoked a lot of bad-tempered muttering about how everyone shoud just _know_ about cache interactions with hyperthreaded cores. Well, of course they should. I despair at the pabulum ladled out in primary schools in this country masquerading as decent education.

    Currently looking like 20k hits so far, which is most welcome – it’s audit month, but don’t tell anyone. And this week’s diary managed to push a Register story about pornographic squirrels out of the list, which is the sort of thing that makes it all worth while. As is the rumour that VNU is going to be broken up by spittle-flecked investment bankers, which will make some of my pals nervous but is most likely a good thing in the end.

    Meanwhile, one of these two will make an ideal Christmas present for that special Southern archbishop in everyone’s life. But which?

  2. acb says:

    We must breed them, and get a primate which makes gratifying noises when you stick a finger up its bottom. This is clearly what the Southern archbishops are hoping to turn Rowan into anyway.

    (avert your eyes from the terrible prospect that they might both be gentlemen teddies)

  3. Alexander Shopov says:

    The article was really nice and I liked it very much.

    The comment about Free Software was a bit inflamatory 😉 but I think you may have a point there.

    Inflammation is the first immune response of an organism against infection. I do not see a cure for the situation coming and I am thankful for the existence of free software. It will prevent the infection from killing the whole organism.

    Best regards:

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