Another patent story I missed

OK – I only found it after the deadline. But some idiot in the US Patent Office has approved one for “a flying saucer which depends on antigravity.” In a way, that’s almost more shocking than patents on hyperlinks.

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4 Responses to Another patent story I missed

  1. That problem with bad character encoding on article pages but not on the main page continues to show up. The dash on this page is a case in point, and I’m seeing it in other articles as well.

    Now if only I could get my flux modulation controller working….

  2. acb says:

    No — that’s my fault. It’s a cut and paste thing, though the dash should really have been caught. I’ll have another look at the macro that does the posting.

  3. The links for the new test posts don’t work, fwiw.

  4. acb says:

    I nknwo. I took them down, as boring, once I had checked it all worked.

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