Once in a while

You get shown the light in The Orlando Sentinel if you look at it right. Chris Wilson, the man who ran the NTFU board, has been busted by the local police on obscenity charges. This probably doesn’t affect the running of the site much — the servers are in the Holland somewhere. Nor do the charges relate to the body part pictures but to the sexual content they were traded for. But I think it will all be churned up together by the cops: ” Investigators also obtained a search warrant and removed computers from Wilson’s home. They will be looking for customer lists and other documents to assist the investigation. Information that Army investigators might need in their search will be made available, Judd said.”

An interesting defence by his lawyer: Walters argued that local community standards, the guiding principle behind implementation of obscenity laws, cannot be applied to the Web, a global venue. “Any obscenity charge against any Web-site content or Internet content is unconstitutional,” said Walters, who specializes in First Amendment law. “There is no commonality based on just geography anymore”. This is another form of the argument for outsourcing torture. If community standards in Kazhakstan allow them to boil prisoners alive, how absurd to think we should try to discourage it, or penalise those who profit from it.

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